etard_webcam: I’m having a cup a of my favorite tea “red rose tea” with just a spot of cream or milk and with 1 teaspoon of sugar.

etard_webcam: Now its going to take a little time to get this all setup & fine tuned.
but when its done you can watch my Live feed on

etard_webcam: @EarthRewound no i dont use that anymore. i use TeamSpeak 3 Client and i’m on it now.
if you want i can get the server ip for you.

etard_webcam: I found eps of an old tv show I use to watch when I was a kid “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”
any one remember this show

etard_webcam: I had to take down the ircd chat on because my friend who helps me RCP did not get off his ass & set some shit up -_-

etard_webcam: canada fucking customs has released my package. now there telling me they don’t work on saturday so it will be monday.
fuck canada post!!!!!

etard_webcam: Fuck canada customs agents.
for taking soo long on my package
I hope a polar bear eats there kids!
#canada #customs #agents

etard_webcam: @tovmasyanyhaov5 oh god no I don’t fuckin ads on my website fuck ads.

On October 1st I will be flying to Ohio to help my girlfriend DzhaA move out to Southern California to live with me.
We will be on the road October 4th driving across America from Ohio…

etard_webcam: NEW BLOG POST: Road Trip Across America
#Blog #post #roadtrip #America #offline #webcam #LifeCaster #twitter

etard_webcam: I just got my hair cut.
Man it feels good not to have all that hair :D
#hair #cut

etard_webcam: last night I had a really bad dream.
my dream was about a zombie apocalypse.
never had a dream about that.
#dream #zombie

etard_webcam: I am Live on cam and will not be going offline any time soon
so everything is back to normal.
#Live #webcam #cam

etard_webcam: @GeekofTheWorld I like that your tweeting more ;)